‘Threshold’ photographed at Le Mai and to be performed at Le Mai March 16 to 20 | 2011

I photographed Tomomi Morimoto at Le Mai in December 2010. Her new piece entitled ‘Threshold’ is a must see. Her energy is so infectious that you will feel like dancing through the streets!

‘Threshold’ will be performed at Le Mai(Montréal arts interculturels) March 16 to 20 | 2011.

‘THRESHOLD’ is a dance work integrating contemporary dance, theatrically-developed dance using elements of Butoh and Wushu (Chinese martial art), and live music with an original sound track. ‘Threshold’. An entrance. A starting point. A boundary. What happens when we reach the threshold? And if we decide to cross over, where does it lead us? Where does it leave us?” – Tomomi Morimoto

Web Site – Tomomi Morimoto

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